Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Allah Kareem Locket & Allah Karim Locket

Kalma Shareef

The blessings of Allah are with the one who travels the righteous path as shown by HIM.Let us all, in all our good deeds, seek His blessings and pray to the most merciful and beneficent to be on our side and protect us from all evil. Let us submit to the one who rules this and all other worlds and who shall be asking the account of our deeds on the Day of Judgment. Let us all bow only to Him and pray for his light to shine on us as there was, there is and there will be only He, who could cleanse us from our sins and absolve our souls by his Glory.


1 الله The Greatest Name Allah
2 الرحمن The All-Compassionate Ar-Rahman
3 الرحيم The All-Merciful Ar-Rahim
4 الملك The Absolute Ruler Al-Malik
5 القدوس The Pure One Al-Quddus
6 السلام The Source of Peace As-Salam
7 المؤمن The Inspirer of Faith Al-Mu'min
8 المهيمن The Guardian Al-Muhaymin
9 العزيز The Victorious Al-Aziz
10 الجبار The Compeller Al-Jabbar

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