Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Allahkareem Locket

This blessed Pendant is a miracle made possible by Science and His blessing, which can show His glory, in beautyful calligraphy, to all his believers. It is one great way of being in the shadow of His blessings always, and to experience His glory at any time. this Rhodium plated pendent is with a miniature crystal slab containing nano-graphically inscribed calligraphic images and text of His 99 names, His last prophets name, His messages (Ayat al-Qursi, Four Qul Sharif, Kalma Sharif, Bismillah Sharif), Khana-e-Kaab, and Gumbad-e-Khizra. Though this all is placed only on a 4x4 mm Crystal glass, placing it against light can give a clear view to naked eye.

What's more, the plating is long lasting and inscription image is guaranteed to last.The blessings of Allah are with the one who travels the righteous path as shown by HIM. Let us all, in all our good deeds, seek His blessings and pray to the most merciful and beneficent to be on our side and protect us from all evil. 'Allah Kareem Pendent'is with the divine view of His 99 names, His last Prophet's name, His messages, Khana-e-Kaaba, and Gumbad-e-Khizra to keep his blessings in view at all times.